Cinematic LUTs Pack 2023


I wanna be quick – the Luts are awesome! You get 15 Luts made in a way that people beyond our moms get interested in our videos.

You can use the classic Teal and Orange, Black and White, Red Pop, Dark Noir and other looks made to match famous movie color grades. You can make your travel video look like you actually had fun travelling.

To be completely honest those Luts are magical. Once you get them they turn into awesome expressions from people like:

– “Duuuude… how do you color grade your videos?”

– “Braaah… you’re a color wizard”..

– “Rad… stop wasting your time with these videos and get a real job”.

I’m pretty sure even crappy footage from my phone will look awesome with those luts. I might even try it!

If you get them and don’t like them – I will be very sad!  I just wanted to make this clear.

Anyway, jokes aside the Luts are great. Get them, you won’t be sorry.

Enjoy! 🙂

These will work in Premiere Pro CC, DaVincci Resolve, FCPX, AE. These also work in Photoshop CC for editing your photos.

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