Reach more customers with Short-form video.

Get a team of experienced videographers, editors, motion designers, and copywriters for the price of a one-month one-person salary. 

My team and I will create your content for the full month.

We will build a strategy, ideate, write scripts, shoot, edit, animate, and post your content.

You get a team of experienced videographers, editors, motion designers, and copywriters for the price of a one-month one-person salary.

We will go over my strategy to Grow an Audience, Engage it, and Sell without you wasting any time.

This is the exact strategy I used to grow my audience on Instagram from 60 followers to over 10k in just 13 days.

With a reach of over 500k accounts.

You want to take advantage of the Digital Economy. You realize the opportunity to reach millions of people every day, but you don’t have the time or know-how to create content.

For now I am offering a complete Done For You Service, I haven’t turn this into a course or coaching. This is my only offer, where my team and I will create everything for you.

You can choose a package of 4 to 60 videos a month, depending on your needs.

Fill out the form below and let’s start your journey.

Who am I?

My name is Rad.
I am a Motion Designer, Filmmaker and Enterpreneur.

I built my first business in 2017 – a production agency called Catchy Graphics.

Over the years I’ve worked with clients as Walt Disney, FOX, Aurubis, EPAM, UNIQA, Walmart, Delloitte and more.

I have a great passion for video and motion design – it’s all I do every day.

I’ve always been interested in creating content.

In 2020 I started posting VFX tutorials on YouTube and the account has been growing slowly since then. I didn’t have too much of a vision for it, I was just having fun.

In the middle of 2023 I wanted to give it another go, but with Instagram this time. I went deep into research, bought courses, coaching and masterminds and I finally figured it out. This is what helped me grow my profile from 60 followers to over 10k followers in just 13 days.

Every day I see that companies, entrepreneurs, and e-commerce are still catching up, not being able to take full advantage of social media.

This is why I want to help others get the same result as I did or even greater.

Looking forward to meeting you. 


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Films, Animation, Visual Effects

Get in touch with me if you need help with using the presets.

Enjoy them and stay creative! 🙂